The close is the period at the end of the trading session. Sometimes used to refer to closing price. Related: opening. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The period at the end of the trading session officially designated by the exchange during which all transactions are considered "made at the close." Sometimes used to refer to the closing range. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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I. close close 1 [kləʊz ǁ kloʊz] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE also close down if a company, shop etc closes or someone closes it, it stops operating permanently:

• We have reluctantly decided to close the factory.

• Banks are closing down branches by the hundred.

2. [intransitive, transitive] COMMERCE if a shop or building closes or someone closes it, it stops being open to the public for a period of time:

• The shops close at 6.

3. [intransitive] FINANCE if a share or currency closes at a particular value, it is worth that amount at the end of the day's trading on a particular market:

• Amazon shares closed down at $29.56 on the NASDAQ.

• The pound closed up slightly at $1.90130.

4. [intransitive] MARKETING to finish on a particular date:

• Special offer closes June 3.

5. COMMERCE close a deal/​sale to reach the point in a deal or sale where everyone involved agrees to it:

• The objective of the negotiation phase is to close the deal.

• He had to lower his price in order to close the sale.

6. BANKING close an account to stop having a particular account with a bank:

• Mr Samuels agreed to close the account and transfer the money to a company account.

7. ACCOUNTING close the books to calculate the financial results at the end of a particular accounting period:

• On Friday the company closed the books on its fiscal first quarter.

8. FINANCE close ( out) a position if an investor or dealer on a financial market closes a position, they buy or sell the stocks, shares, currencies etc that they have agreed to buy or sell, even if this means that they lose money:

• If a dealer buys a futures contract and its price declines, he buys another at a lower price rather than closing out his position.

close something → out phrasal verb [transitive] COMMERCE
if a store closes out a type of goods, it sells all of them cheaply:

• We're closing out this line of swimwear.

— see also closeout
  [m0] II. close close 2 noun [singular] FINANCE
the end of the day's activity, for example on the stockmarket or in a bank:

At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had climbed 17.49.

• The dividend was payable to shareholders on the Register of Members at close of business on 7th May.

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close UK US /kləʊz/ verb
[I or T] if a shop, restaurant, or public place closes or someone closes it, it stops being open for business at the end of the day, week, etc.: »

The store closes at 5.30.

close (sth) to sb »

The banks had closed to customers so I couldn't pay the money in.


We usually close the bar around midnight.

[I or T] if a business closes or is closed, it stops operating permanently: »

The factory closed with the loss of 250 jobs.


The organization will be forced to let staff go and close many of its offices.

[I] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET if a market, currency, share, etc. closes, it stops trading or being traded at the end of the working day: »

The company released its statement after the market closed on Friday.

close up/down »

The Dow Jones closed up 94.90 at 10,623.60.

close at sth »

The pound closed at $1.47, down from $1.49 yesterday.

[I or T] to finish, or to make something end: »

At 11.45 the Chair closed the meeting.

close (sth) with sth »

She closed with a few remarks about the future.

[I or T often passive] if something closes or is closed, there is no longer an opportunity to become involved because a particular date has been reached: »

Applications for the post close on Wednesday 14 September.


Booking for the course is now closed.

[I or T] IT if a computer program or a window on a computer screen closes, or if you close it, it stops operating because you tell it to: »

Click on the 'X' to close the window and exit the application.


This file won't close.

[T] BANKING to remove all the money from a bank account and stop using it permanently: »

I closed that account when I moved to the UK.

close a deal — Cf. close a deal
close UK US /kləʊz/ noun [C, usually singular]
the end of something: bring/draw sth to a close »

I tried to bring the meeting to a close.

at the close of sth »

At the close of the financial year, the balance amounted to $418 million.

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the end of a day's trading on a market: the close of business/trading »

His exit was announced after the close of trading.

at the close »

The IT services specialist was down 7.25p to 196.5p at the close.

(the) close of play — Cf. the close of play

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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